A significant component of the Helping Boys Become Healthy Men Project was a strong evaluation plan. For this process, Jennifer Ellis, PhD, was contracted to design and implement the evaluation.

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Project evaluations are critical to ensuring that projects meet their goals and objectives, providing information and learning for future project design, showing accountability to funders and building knowledge in the project team and associated community.

The HBBHM project is being evaluated on: 1) a process level – did we do what we said we would and how well did we do it? 2) a summative level – did we achieve what we hoped to and can the work be effectively expanded or spread to other locations?

The Helping Boys become Healthy Men Evaluation incorporates a number of evaluation methods applied to different populations associated with the project. Utilizing several different evaluation methods and collecting data from several different populations allows for triangulation and a reduction of bias in the assessment of results.

Jennifer Ellis, PhD

Triangulation relates to the concept that we can be more confident in results if more than one method leads to the same conclusion. In general in order to triangulate effectively at least three research methods must be utilized with the hope that they will produce the same conclusions.

The HBBHM evaluation is utilizing the following research methods:

          • Surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Spreadsheets to track attendance at events

The Helping Boys Become Healthy Men evaluation is collecting data from the following populations associated with the project:

  • Project Coordinators in the five project communities;
  • Community Mentors or key project personnel in each of the five project communities;
  • Regional Advisory Committee;
  • Boys aged 7 to 12 participating in the program;
  • Regional Project Coordinator; and
  • Participants in a Mentors Make a Difference event.

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