b. Boundary Area - Building Resilience in Boundary Boys

Watch this video of Boundary Coordinator Barry Pratt describing key factors in working with boys.

Update, September 25, 2012:

The Boundary Family and Individual Services Society is working with the school district around continuing groups in the Boundary. This partnership will be able to stretch and provide positive engagement for boys in the area. At this time, they will not be able to run the 16 week programs as before. They are identifying the areas of greatest need in the region to run groups in, and are hopeful they will start shorter term programs in October.

They are also busy working with the schools and recreation programs to cement archery programs in West Boundary Elementary. The hope is to have it as a regular club in the school.

Building Resilience in Boundary Boys coordinator Barry Pratt provided regular gatherings that brought boys together and engaged them in meaningful activities. This program was inspired by an innovative and highly successful project already in place for girls. The initiative was designed to strengthen peer support and opportunities for mentoring to boys, particularly boys with risks. Adult male role models, young and old, were engaged to bring opportunities for play, companionship and learning to the participating boys. The Boundary Area is a large diverse area. As such, in order to serve as many boys as possible, 4 activities based groups focused on providing positive activities and mentor support for boys were created. The boys were be grouped by area: Rock Creek has 15 boys, Greenwood 13, and 24 young men in the Grand Forks / Christina Lake who are split between two groups. Groups were run after school to facilitate the boys utilizing the “late” school bus provided by SD51. A final event was held at Pines Bible Camp with 48 boys from all 4 groups attending.