View this video of Glenmerry Elementary Principal Patrick Audet talking about his involvement in the Boys Connect Project.

Coordinator Naomi Bain worked on a number of initiatives for the Boys Connect project in the Greater Trail Area. Read below to see some of the things that happened in Greater Trail over the course of the project. The plan to sustain what has happened at Boys Connect is to utilize monies from existing contracts to keep some of the projects going.

Efforts will be made to provide some support to keep activities that were started active, specifically:

Reading projects

SmokeEaters working with Sanctuary

Mentoring connections between elementary & high schools

Boys Connect will continue to attempt to establish connections between existing groups and the kids in need.

2011 / 2012 Boys Connect Projects:

Trail and District Public Library
In collaboration with the Trail and District Public Library, a local author was brought into the three elementary schools in Trail to do a reading and crafts. The schools were asked to pick children who might face social/financial barriers and might not regularly attend the library. Each school sent 12 children. The children made a craft and received a free book, courtesy of the Trail and District Public Library. A copy of the author’s book was also raffled off to one lucky child.

We are in the process of planning a poster contest, to run through the schools hopefully in the late spring. The contest will be open to all the children, but we plan to launch the contest in the three local elementary schools. The winner of the poster contest will have his/her poster picture put on the new Children’s Library Card which the library plans to launch in the fall of 2012.
The library is donating their fine money from the months of November/December to the United Church Food Bank.
The staff of the Trail and District Public Library is organizing and will be facilitating the craft at the January 15th event.

Trail Smoke Eaters

In conjunction with the staff of the Trail Smoke Eaters, the players have been reading bi-weekly in the five elementary schools in the Greater Trail Area. The players have also volunteered at Sanctuary and they are having a floor hockey game in March with the kids from Sanctuary.
The players are loading and unloading the Salvation Army truck December 13. There is also a food bank donation set up at the three home games the Smokies have during the month of December.
Trail Smoke Eaters playing floor hockey at Sanctuary

The players will be attending minor hockey practices, as their schedule allows, starting in January.

Two high school art students are doing art projects weekly with the children who attend Sanctuary.
Local musicians have been connected with Sanctuary to do some lessons at Sanctuary.

JL Crowe Leadership Class
Naomi has approached the leadership class about the project and students volunteered at the January 15th trade show, and will also volunteer at the April 28th outdoor event. They are also in the process of developing a self-esteem work shop that the high school students themselves can give to elementary school kids to help with the difficult transition from elementary school to high school.

January 15 Trade Show
In partnership with Teck Metals Ltd., there was a trade show of local clubs, groups and organizations that provide activities for children outside the Cominco Gym. In the gym, there were fun, free activities for children. The Trail and District Public Library organized and facilitated the crafts, Teck Metals Ltd. kindly provided a craft budget as well as paying for the rental of the hallway space and red floor room. There was also face painting
. Throughout the event, there were demonstrations by groups in the red floor room about the services they have to offer. After the event, every child was able to attend the Trail Smoke Eaters game for free tickets courtesy of Teck Metals Ltd.

Free Movie

Naomi organized a free movie at the Royal Theatre on February 17. She received a discount from the theatre and money from Teck Metals Ltd.

Burn Awareness Week
Planning a burn survivor guest speaker, and poster contest, in conjunction with Captain Jason Milne of the RDKB Fire Department, for Burn Awareness Week in the local elementary schools.

April 28 Free Outdoor Event
Big outdoor event in the Gulch at the future home of the skate park. Naomi plans to have demonstrations of extreme sports, a jumping castle, a bbq cooked by and at the Colombo Lodge, Bike Safety School offered by Gordon Sims, the fire trucks out for display, and a game of street hockey between the fire department and the police department. Guns vs. Hoses. Local groups will also be invited and organizations to do outdoor demonstrations that are not possible to do at the January 15th event given space constraints.

200 Free Skate/Swim Passes have been donated by the City of Trail to be handed out to disadvantaged children at the discretion of the local elementary schools.

VISAC Gallery
Naomi is working with Director Laurie Merlo to start an art class at VISAC Gallery in the new year. The space is free and there is an adult volunteer willing to be on site during these classes. Hoping to get someone willing to volunteer to teach a class, hoping to work in conjunction with Trail Parks and Recreation.